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CAN-Do! is a micro-controller (widget) which is designed to be a module's interface to a Satellite wiring harness and through it to the Integrated - Housekeeping Unit (computer) controlling the overall Satellite.  The primary project goals are to reduce wire count within the wiring harness (fly less copper and more fuel) and to greatly simplify spacecraft integration.

The CAN-Do! project is jointly sponsored by AMSAT Deutschland e.V. and AMSAT North America.  Members of both organizations work together on the project. (refer to the members page)

At this project site you'll find module designer documentation and other reference material related to this project. (refer to the reference page).

See the Contact Information page for the preferred methods to communicate with the CAN-Do! project team.


Family Picture
Four of the "Widgets" (each 24mm x 74mm)


Project What's New

  •  Oct 2007, Draft User's Guide v05 -
        posted for review
  • Oct 25, 06: Firmware v3.04 released
  •  May 02, 06: Firmware v3.02 released
  •  Mar 27, 06: Firmware v3.00 released
  •  Dec 04, 05: Firmware v2.14 released
  •  Nov 18, 05: Firmware v2.12 released
  •  Aug 22, 05: Firmware v2.10 released
  •  Aug 08, 05: Firmware v2.08 released
  •  Jul 23, 05: Firmware v2.06 released
  •  Jul 21, 05: Firmware v2.04 released
  •  Jul 10, 05: Flasher v0.4.4 released
  •  Jul 05, 05: Firmware v2.02 released
  •  Jun 26, 05: Firmware v2.00 released
  •  Jun 18, 05: Firmware v1.14 released
  •  Jun 05: Firmware v1.12 released
  •  May 05: Firmware v1.10 released
  •  Apr 05: Flasher v0.4.0 all features in
      place, Firmware v1.08 released
  •  Mar 05: Flasher updated (v0.3.5),
       firmware v1.06 released
  •  Feb 05: Flasher v0.3.4 released
  •  Oct 04: New User's Guide v04
           released (f/w v1.01 & later)
  •  Sep 04: New Mailing list,
           Firmware v1.03 out for review
  •  Aug 04: Proof of concept: flash via
           USB->CAN works!
  •  Jul 04: New regulator passes
           radiation testing!
  •  May 04: All flight functionality in
           firmware v1.02
  •  May 04: Qualifying new voltage

Upcoming Milestones

  •  2nd batch of Flight-prepared Widgets to ship to AMSAT-DL
  •  User's Guide - more timing information is in the works
  •  more ...

General Notes

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