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Good project detail can be found here:

Parts Details

ATMEL processor documents (uP aboard Widget):

  •  ATMEL Reference Page for our T89C51CC01ca processor.  At this site you'll find the full reference spec for the processor, Errata, Protocol specifications and sample code.
Widget Design Files:

Purposed Materials, slides, etc.


Software Files, Worksheets

  •  Re-flashing Widgets with new firmware (support for  flashing from Linux via PCAN-USB, Lawicel 232)
  •  UHU - User Housekeeping Unit: Module developer's Graphical User Interface for  controlling Module / Widget over CAN Bus from PC:
       >>>> download from here
  •  CDNC - Can-Do! Network Controller - Module developer's Graphical User Interface for controlling many Modules  Widgets over CAN Bus from PC using PCAN USB interface:
       >>>> download from here
  •  CAN Bus Capacity Planning Worksheet
    This is a first draft of a means to calculate the CAN  bus utilization based on the mix of Widgets on a   Spacecraft given our CAN-Do protocol.

Satellite Projects

We intend to be flying aboard the following:

Misc. Satellite Links

Widget Verification

Documents describing what we are learning of the Widget and how we are going about this learning:


Upcoming Web Additions

 CAN-Do internal reference docs:

  •  Timing worksheets for
      peripherals onboard 
  •  Scope pics of various
      functions of CAN-Do
  •  Data sheet PDFs for
    parts onboard CAN-Do

Have more you'd like to see here? Please let me know.

- Stephen, KZ0Q






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