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This page presents a running history of changes to this website. Review this list to find out what's changed since you were last here.
071024 - updates
Added firmware mode-verification pages to verification page set, Posted Draft V5 User's Guide for public review, posted current draft of Pipe-mode File Transfer Protocol specification, general update/freshening of all pages at site (although there is still more to do ;-) Updated site to my new call sign.
070924 - updates
Add link to Page containing materials from our extended team members which is linked to from our Reference page
070212 - updates
Add links to CAN Bus Command/Status Traffic Timing Derivation, and to the Can Do Test System status report (PDF) both linked to from our Reference page
061025 - updates
Post firmware-3.04 initialization adjustments for issues found during code simulation. Fixes "CAN- controller initialization with 0x0a" problem.
Still Verifying -> not a flight candidate as there are outstanding issues at full speed operation (pipe-mode only)
060502 - updates
Post firmware-3.02 error recovery correction for pipe-read/write and 20% speedup: pipe-read throughput.
Still not a flight candidate as there are outstanding issues at full speed operation (pipe-mode only)
060327 - updates
Post firmware-3.00 first fixes to pipe-write handling. : No longer a flight candidate as there are outstanding issues at full speed operation (pipe-mode only)
New Multi-Widget test utility arrives: CAN-Do! NET Controller
Updated peak-systems driver to ver 3.25 See Widget Flashing page.
051204 - updates
Post firmware-2.14 fix pipe IN vs. OUT priority, OUT now overrides when there is only IN traffic, too. : 8th flight candidate!
051118 - updates
Post firmware-2.12 fix pipe error recovery and IN vs. OUT priority, keep one side running while other is in error-recovery : 7th flight candidate!
051030 - new doc uploaded
Added document CAN-Do switched power testing to reference page
050822 - updates
Post firmware-2.10 fix pipe-out interrupt-overwhelm which caused handshake lockup : 6th flight candidate!
050806 - updates
Post firmware-2.08 fix pipe-out handshake not being reset on out-timer expiration : 5th flight candidate!
050723 - updates
Post firmware-2.06 fix overrun during rapid pipe-writes, prevent entering pipe-state-machine if power removed during interface setup: 4th flight candidate!
050721 - updates
Post firmware-2.04 fix configure-value restore after WD reset for all modes, fix blocking of CAN transmit interrupt: 3rd flight candidate!
050710 - updates
Post flasher-0.4.4 source (not yet Debian-packages) which adds read-back verify to FLASH write.
050705 - updates
Post firmware-2.02 fix pipe-timer handling during configure message processing: 2nd flight candidate!
050626 - updates
Post firmware-2.00 fix WD Event-logging and memory region checks, all three modes certified: 1st flight candidate!
050618 - updates
Post firmware-1.14 byte-pipe cleanup: fix pipe-timeout resynchronization
050613 - updates
Post firmware-1.12 byte-pipe cleanup: fix data loss during simultaneous I/O
050605 - updates
Post firmware-1.10 byte-pipe cleanup
050403 - updates
Post flasher-0.4.0 and firmware-1.08 major cleanup, ever closer we creep to flight ready
050318 - updates
Post Updates to flasher/PCAN support
050219 - updates
Post first flasher download package with instructions and firmware
041017 - updates
Add version of User's Guide (v04) for latest firmware
- now describes H/W Watchdog use, ADC Algorithm,
  byte-pipe startup, dual multiplex pass
- incorporates v1.6 schematic
041011 - updates
Updated posted version of User's Guide (v03)
Updated Schematic posted
Couple of links fixed
040927 - news!
Firmware posted for review
Added Fun with Logic Analyzer page
040923 - news!
New email list, w/archive, is open to Module Designers using CAN-Do
(See: Contacts page)
040821 - news!
Added new events to main page
More milestones added to schedule page
Added elements page...
Add Link to new formal AMSAT-NA Eagle project
(this page added ;-)
040617 - new links
Added more satellite project links to reference section.
040615 - new docs
Added more project docs to reference section including a .pdf of AMSAT Journal project article.
040605 - posted team-member-requested changes
Updated main page, members page and contacts page.
040517 - Hi !
Project-site is now live.


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